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Freedom of belief, conscience, and practice are fundamental human rights for every individual no matter where they live or what they believe. They are part of constitutions, conventions, and declarations all around the world. It is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Learn more about the breadth and depth of how this right is recognized globally.

Global Restrictions on Religion

Freedom of belief, conscience, and practice are under threat - Speak Freedom Center empowers solutions

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Around the world, religious freedom is undermined...According to Pew Research Center 83% of people live in a place with high or very high levels of persecution

According to the Pew Research Center the top 3 most populous countries with high social hostilities regarding religion are India, Nigeria, and Egypt

According to OpenDoors, these are the countries that persecute Christians - spreading across the world, and across ideologies


Speak Freedom Center partners are already working on are a few that you can join today - Or you can learn how to run your own campaign


Terror are religious violence are driving a famine. The US Government can make a difference, if it appoints a Special Envoy.

21Wilberfroce invites you to join by asking your Senator to stand in the gap.


Foreign governments need to know that the State Department and Congress agree on IRF. The IRF Roundtable is asking your congressperson to make this clear. Join them.


Texas Baptists are writing letters to Prisoners of Conscience. But you don't have to be Baptist to help unjustly imprisoned people know they are remembered and help confront their repressive governments

Take Action


Early adopters are already using Speak Freedom Center Digital Platform Tools - here are four examples

IRF Roundtable

The IRF Roundtable uses the Speak Freedom Center as it's digital partner. As a multi-faith initiative, they have 250 participant organizations from every faith background, including large NGOs, diaspora groups, religious communities, and others. They interact with government, embassies, and more. They have NGO sign-on letters that reach the highest levels of the US Government.

ICON: Stand with Nigeria

The International Committee on Nigeria works to encourage both Americans and members of the Nigerian Diaspora to work for new U.S. personnel and policy to support the rule-of-law, and justice in Nigeria. They have embedded a Speak Freedom form that lets people across the USA type in their address and directly contact their Congress person to "Stand with Nigeria."


One Body is an inter-denominational group that prays for the broad Christian Church as brothers and sisters and for other persecuted groups as neighbors. This year they used Speak Freedom Center for an easy from-the-pews sign-up for a month long commitment to pray for a particular country and persecuted people there.

21Wilberforce Fundraiser

21Wilberforce holds events to raise support for their work on capacity building and advocacy around the country. They used the Speak Freedom Center to send out invitations, track participation, and manage donations.

Speak Freedom Center


Speak Freedom Center helps you move your passion into action. It gives you the resources to become informed, it gives you the digital solutions to engage others, it provides mechanisms to amplify your voice.

Using Speak Freedom Center, as a grassroots activist, a new non-profit just starting out, a faith community dealing with persecution, or an NGO getting your team up to speed on what religious freedom is and how to defend it - Speak Freedom Center can multiply your efforts to help drive impact

The Center is an initiative of 21Wilberforce, which works on IRF issues through capacity building and advocacy, while supporting a more robust freedom of conscience, belief, and practice sector.

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Join the movement

Whether you are an individual who wants to make a difference, a new NGO starting out, an organization taking part in IRF for the first time,  or an institution in need of training, joining the movement through the Speak Freedom Center can get you the resources and platforms you need. Sign up here, and we'll be in touch!

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